The University Preparation program at ELTI consists of six levels. Each level of the program includes three courses:

1) Reading and Writing

2) Academic Language (grammar instruction integrated into skills and cultural content typical of university settings)

3) Listening and Speaking

The Achievement Scale below describes what a student is able to do at the completion of each level.

Achievement Scale

A student who completes this level…

Basic – Can recognize and respond to high frequency stock expressions with simple, straightforward vocabulary and grammatical structures.

1 – Can comprehend English as a Second Language (ESL) sources on highly familiar social and academic topics and express ideas using high-frequency general and academic vocabulary and common written and spoken conventions.

2 – Can comprehend a wide range of English as a Second Language (ESL) sources on common academic topics and present ideas following specific written and spoken conventions and formats.

3 – Can comprehend straightforward, extended sources and respond to those sources following common academic formats such as essays or structured class discussions.

4 – Can comprehend supported academic sources (i.e., full-length books and lectures) intended for native speakers and discuss and write about those sources following academic formats common in university settings.

5 – Can comprehend extended, discipline-specific sources (i.e., full-length non-fiction books and lectures) and objectively discuss, analyze, and apply those sources in a wide range of assessments common in university settings.

PLUS ONE Program

Qualified students in Level 5 who have completed at least one semester in the ELTI are allowed to take one University course for credit in addition to a reduced load of two ELTI courses.