Tuition & Fees

Tuition is what you pay for your academic coursework and is set by the ELTI.

Fees are what you pay for access to university facilities and resources such as the recreation center, the library, sporting events, and the light rail. These are set by UNC Charlotte and are subject to change.

The payment of both tuition and fees is required for all students.

FALL 2023 & SPRING 2024

Semester tuition and fees for full-time students:


Semester tuition and fees for part-time students:

Tuition per course$1,492.00
Total (one course only)$2,417.90
Total (two courses)$3,909.90

Summer 2024*

*Summer 2024 fees have not yet been finalized and are subject to change.

Semester tuition and fees for full-time students:

University Fees$309.38

Semester tuition and fees for part-time students:

Tuition per course$1,492.00
University Fees$146.14
Total (one course only)$1,638.14
Total (two courses)$3,130.14

additional costs to consider

Housing & Meals

These costs are reasonable estimates. Housing & meal costs will vary based on where a student chooses to live. Please visit the Housing and Residence Life website and the Auxiliary Services website for current information on campus housing and meal rates.

Fall & Spring Terms $3,380 – $5,515

Summer Term $1,045 – $1,200

Books$200 – $275

Health Insurance

(The quoted cost is for UNC Charlotte’s insurance plan. Please visit the Student Health website for the most up-to-date cost. Students are welcome to purchase their own insurance plan, as long as it meets the university’s health insurance requirements. See “What are the International Student Insurance Requirements” here for more information and connect with an ELTI staff member to discuss if necessary.

Note that UNC Charlotte health insurance is placed on your student bill automatically and you must successfully waive/remove it if you do not want it. ELTI will work with students at the beginning of the semester to waive or enroll coverage, but all students must be covered for the study period.

Review your student account and charges before making payment to ensure you are not paying for the health insurance if you intend to waive it.

$1,352.08 (Fall 2022/Spring 2023)

Please note that the above estimated costs are per semester.

Additional Information

Part-time Study
Students who are not in the U.S. on student visas (which require full-time study) may enroll in one or two of the three daily classes. Contact the ELTI ( if you have questions about your eligibility.

Students are not required to pay any tuition or UNC Charlotte student fees until they arrive in Charlotte. However, tuition and student fees should be paid in full by the end of the first full week of classes. Checks, money order, or cash must be in U.S. dollars. You may also use a valid MasterCard, American Express or Visa credit card. For bank wire transfers, contact the ELTI office staff first.

Sponsored Students
Sponsoring agencies must provide an official letter of sponsorship covering the period of enrollment. Students must have this sponsorship at the beginning of the term of study, or pay their first semester costs and be refunded later, once the sponsoring agency has offered a financial guarantee AND paid the bill.